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  Thien and I are proud to share our pure, natural bee products with you.

We are fortunate to keep bees in South Texas, an area long known for producing some of the world’s finest tasting honey. Our bees make delicious honey from the huajilla blossoms, mesquite blossoms (when conditions are right) and from our prolific Texas wildflowers that bloom in the Spring.

All of our candle and beeswax products, including our beautiful beeswax medallions, are handmade by us one at a time. We filter our wax using a one-micron filter. This ultra clean wax helps our candles burn better, and makes our bulk beeswax bars virtually free of impurities and ready for your cosmetic or candle making projects.

Our beautiful gift baskets combine our bee related products to produce a sweet, loving gift for friends and family.

Thien and I thank you for your business because it allows us to do the work we love with our bees!

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