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Every spring we offer a limited number of starter bee hives, called nucleus hives, or nucs. Our nucleus hives have five frames -- not four frames and a feeder, but five frames engaged by the bees to help your colony grow more quickly. The frames include two outer frames of honey & pollen, and three inner frames of brood in various stages of development. The frames are covered with bees, and one of these bees is a new marked queen that is already laying eggs. The frames and bees are enclosed in a sturdy box designed to transport bees. The frames will need to be transferred to your wooden hive boxes soon after you arrive home so that they can begin to grow. Our experience with five-frame nucleus hives is that they build up quickly and often produce honey the first year. The queens in our nucleus hives are selected for mite resistance, disease resistance, honey production and gentleness.

Our nucleus hives are available only for pick up at Gretchen Bee Ranch in Seguin, Texas. We take the time to show you how to transfer the frames into your equipment when you pick up your bees, and we answer questions that you may have during your visit with us. We really enjoy meeting new beekeepers! We are personally available afterwards should you have any question or concern about your new colony of bees. We have a full range of beekeeping supplies at competitive prices should you need any equipment either before or after you receive your bees. We also offer a series of free, one-hour beekeeping


Your bees will be ready for pick up starting around mid-April. We will notify you when your bees are ready and schedule a date with you to pick them up. Please note that we use only deep frames to make our nucleus hives. These will fit into the traditional Langstroth hive box that is available from us or through the major beekeeping supply companies. These frames will not fit in a hive that consists of only medium supers, nor will they fit into a traditional top bar hive.

We encourage you to reserve your bees early as they sell out every year. To reserve your bees we require a non-refundable deposit of $100 with the balance paid at the time of nuc pick up in April.


Five -Frame Nucleus Hive
with Marked Queen
Price: $300.00
Deposit: $100/Nuc (Non-Refundable Deposit)

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