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Gretchen Bee Ranch - Client Testimonials
  • “We absolutely love the blueberry honey we bought at market days! Thank u!”
     - Crystal B.
  • “It tastes even better than it looks and it looks really, really good.”
     - Nelma S.
  • “I am always glad to help in my own small way. Especially when I can enjoy the rewards. I am very happy to report that the big jar of Gonzales wildflower I purchased at Come and Take It has relieved the allergies of my children and I. I promise you I will be a repeat buyer, next time instead of 1 jar I plan on buying at least 3!”
     - Amy P.
  • "I eat my Gretchen Bee Ranch Honey everyday!”
     - Josh B.
  • "OMG! Just tried the honey for the 1st time and I absolutely love it I'm having some with lemon juice since I been coughing like crazy!!"
     - Ingrid P.
  • "First I wanted to tell you how much my husband enjoyed your honey that I purchased at the Guadalupe County Fair. He practically consumed the whole jar by himself. My reason for this message is to get more information about when the honey is available each year for the public to buy and what types of honey are available. My husband suffers each winter due to cedar fever and allergies and since he's been eating local honey his sick time has decreased dramatically. Thank you for your time."
     - Crystal B.
  • “OMG!!!! Mark, the honey is so delicious. I am very happy to have found you and your honey.”
     - Sue H.
Gretchen Bee Ranch - Testimonials
  • “Your honey is awesome. I'm having a hard time keeping my 12 yr old son out of it."
     - Tammy H.
  • “I am so excited about your (now mine) honey. It tastes just like the honey I remember growing up. I hope it works as well for my kids as my dads honey did for me while I was growing up. You better believe I will be wanting more!”
     - Amy P.
  • "I mixed unsweetened frozen blueberries w/ another frozen fruit mix in a microwave bowl, added about 1.5 tblsp. of Gretchen Honey. 1 minute 45 seconds later, I had an awesome topping for the pancakes I made. 'You make the best pancakes in the world Mommy.’ Yes, that's what the little tots said and I have you and Mark to thank!"
     - Leticia C.
  • “I've tasted the honey which I purchased from you in Marion last Saturday. I must say it is by far the best I've tasted in years. You certainly have the honey and I will purchase more from you when I'm about to run out of what I have now. I also told a lot of my friends at work about your honey and showed them your card. I'm sure glad I found your stand that day. Thank You"
     - Roger N.
  • “I was introduced to your honey at the Come & Take It festival in Gonzales. I bought the mesquite honey and it is the best honey I’ve ever had!”
     - Kathy W.
  • “Physically need honey now. I thought I'd give them away as gifts but that VIP list is getting shorter!’
     - Judith S.
  • “We love the mesquite honey. Probably the best honey we've had since I used to bring fresh honey home from Wyoming every summer!”
     - Willa H.
  • “Finally got a sample of your honey tonight, love it!!! Next time I'm in Seguin I will definitely have to buy some.”
     - Tania J.

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