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  Watching the bees is one of our favorite things to do. If you sit still for a little while, the bees will treat you to quite a show. You'll learn about their first flights, how clumsy they can be when they land at their front door and how they kick drone bees out every fall.

These are some of our favorite videos. We thought we would share them with you so you can get to know our bees as they work the Texas landscape.


Description: This is a video was recorded in October of 2010 at the Big Oaks Bee Yard.

This was a busy day for the bees as you will see - they are still carrying in pollen at this point.

Bees at the entrance of the hive are guarding it against other bees that might try and steal some honey from the hive.

  YouTubeYou may view additional videos on our YouTube page  
Description: This is one of our busiest and healthiest hives at the Big Oaks Bee Yard. The bees are carrying in lots of pollen - great news since we put a pollen trap on this hive. We collect the pollen and then use some of it in our smoothies for allergy treatment and we feed some if it back to the bees during the winter months, when there is nothing blooming for them.
Description: This is a fascinating video of a swarm collecting on a branch of a bush near their current hive at My Father's Farm Bee Yard.

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