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  Thiên and I consider honeybees as God’s miracle creatures. Scientists once thought that it was aerodynamically impossible for bees to fly. Today’s scientists are studying the sophisticated flight navigation system of the honeybees as a model for aerial robotics. Bees are able to find food sources up to three miles away, return to their home and effectively communicate their find to 80,000 other bees. They not only communicate where the food source is located, but also the shortest flight path to their destination. Amazing! And all without GPS, the Internet and smart phones.

Thiên and I enjoy sharing our honey and other hive products, but our real passion is sharing the story of the bees. In this section of our website we share some of what we know from thirty years with the bees, and some of the wonders that we witness as we observe these industrious creatures. We believe mankind could learn a thing or two from them.

We also provide beekeepers and aspiring beekeepers the opportunity to add more bees to the planet through the purchase of starter hives, also called nucleus hives. A nucleus hive will grow quickly into a full blown colony of bees, pollinating flowers and plants in their area, and often producing enough honey in their first year for both themselves and the beekeeper.

Learning Opportunities from Gretchen Bee Ranch

Inside the Bee Hive
A brief history of Beekeeping, the structure of a hive, and the anatomy and types of  Honey bees.
Bees in Motion
A collection of our most fascinating videos of bees and our beekeeping tasks.
Introductory Beekeeping Classes
This three and a half hour class is designed to teach future beekeepers, and bee lovers in general, the fundamentals of beekeeping in addition to bee hive parts, protective gear ABCs and honey house operations. Visiting a live bee hive for a hive inspection is the highlight for everyone. Additional
Bee collecting nectar from a wild flower
information will be provided for those who intend to move forward with hives of their own.
  A Beekeeper's Manual
A LibriVox audio recording of Langstroth on the Hive and the Honey-Bee: A Bee Keeper's Manual by L. L. Langstroth
In addition to the audio recording, a PDF version of the book available for viewing.

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