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  This four-hour, hands-on class has been designed to teach students the A, Bee, Cs of beekeeping and honey production.

The class includes the following topics:

Fundamentals of Beekeeping
Learn about the highly structured society inside the hive and how the queen, drones and worker bees work together for the greater good. We'll discuss how the bees fight against great odds to provide us with pure honey and to pollinate the crops and flowers so important to our lives.
The Basic Parts of a Bee Hive
Based on a 160 year-old design, today's bee hive helps the bees make more honey and helps beekeepers keep their colonies strong and healthy. See how the components of the hive work together to provide a remarkably secure and functional home to these important insects.
How to Properly Don a Beekeeping Suit
There is nothing quite like wearing a bee suit to make you feel like an actual beekeeper. A curious melding of farmer overalls and a space suit, the protective bee veil and gloves will give you the confidence to take the next step, because once suited up, you are ready for a close encounter...
Visiting a Live Bee Hive
We will light a bee smoker and explore through an actual bee hive, up close and personal. You can see honey, brood, pollen, honeycomb and of course lots of bees - maybe even the queen. There really is nothing quite like witnessing the wonderful colors, sounds and smells of an active hive. But there is also danger here - not from our gentle bees, but because after one look, you may be hooked for life!
The Honey House Operations
We then continue our class with a tour of our honey house and honey extracting operation. See how we use minimal processing methods to harvest and bottle our honey so that it is just as pure as the honey in the hive.
A student at the Gretchen Bee Ranch.
Our class ends with a honey tasting of some of the marvelous honeys on hand at the Gretchen Bee Ranch, including Orange Blossom honey and south Texas Wildflower honey -- it is really amazing how bees and flowers can produce such a wide variety of colors and flavors of honey!
  A Few Details
Bring your camera - photos are welcomed and encouraged at any time during the class! 
The beekeeping class is open to anyone seven years of age and older. 
We ask that you wear jeans, a long-sleeved shirt and boots or other shoes that cover your ankles.
We also encourage you to bring a lawn chair.
It is recommended that you not wear excessively fragrant perfume or cologne at the class, so as not to attract the bees to yourself.
If you have a known allergy to bees, please call Gretchen Bee Ranch prior paying for a class.
One week prior to the class you will be emailed a class confirmation. That email will contain important information pertaining to your class participation.
  Class Schedule & Cost
  September 21
  October 26
  November 9
  All classes are from 9:00 AM to about 1:00 PM.
  The cost to attend the class is $79 for a single class seat and $129 for two class seats.
  Note: Before paying for a class, please contact Gretchen Bee Ranch to confirm space availability.  Call (830) 305-7925 or email us at

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Class: Introduction to Beekeeping
  Customer Quote: “The three hours flew by before I realized it. Class was fun and easy to understand.” -Mary R.  

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