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  Designed for the hobby beekeeper using a traditional Langstroth hive, this class teaches the new beekeeper the basics of honey harvesting.

The class includes the following topics:

The Basic Tools Needed to Harvest Honey
Harvesting your honey doesn’t need to break the bank. We will teach you how to use a few basic tools to make beautiful comb honey and extracted honey.
The Right Time to Remove Your Honey Supers
Remove your honey too soon and it may have too high a moisture content, possibly resulting in fermentation and a lost crop. Wait too long and your bees may feast on your share of the honey crop. We will help you pinpoint the right time to harvest.
How Much Honey to Harvest
Without adequate honey in the hive, your bees will likely perish over the winter, and possibly sooner. But leaving too much honey is an open invitation to hive beetles and other problems. We will help you balance the bees needs with the temptation to take as much honey as possible.
How to Remove Your Honey Supers
Removing honey supers can be stressful to your bees. We will teach you how to take your honey supers away from your hives as gently as possible, and how to keep robbing to a minimum.
How to Remove Honey From Your Frames
Honey is heavy and extracting your honey incorrectly can damage your frames, and worse, the honeycomb that the bees need to produce next year’s honey crop. We will teach you our tips and tricks for uncapping and extracting your honey with little or no damage to equipment or honeycomb.
How to Bottle Your Honey
Honey is best served pure and natural, with as little processing as possible. We will teach you how to achieve minimal processing while still producing a product that is as beautiful as it is delectable.
What to do After the Harvest
The honey harvest is usually done during the hottest time of the year. What you do immediately after the harvest, in the heat, will do much to determine your beekeeping success the next year. We will teach you how to clean your equipment, how to store your honeycomb well-protected from wax moths, and what your next-steps should be for hive management, including mite treatments, evaluating your queens and assessing the honey stored in your hives.
Learn to Harvest Honey at Gretchen Bee Ranch.
This is a hands-on class that will go through all of the steps of harvesting honey using an actual hive. Students are asked to bring their own protective equipment, including a bee suit (or veil), beekeeping gloves and a hive tool. If you are not a beekeeper you are still welcome to attend class and the necessary equipment will be provided to you.
  A Few Details

Our classes are held at Gretchen Bee Ranch, located at 2745 W. Kingsbury St. in Seguin, Texas.
Bring your camera - photos are welcomed and encouraged at any time during the class! 
The beekeeping class is open to anyone seven years of age and older. 
We ask that you wear jeans, a long-sleeved shirt and boots or other shoes that cover your ankles.
We also encourage you to bring a lawn chair.
We will ask that you sign a waiver prior to the start of class.
It is recommended that you not wear excessively fragrant perfume or cologne at the class, so as not to attract the bees to yourself.
If you have a known allergy to bees, please call Gretchen Bee Ranch prior paying for a class.
One week prior to the class you will be emailed a class confirmation. That email will contain important information pertaining to your class participation.
  Class Schedule & Cost
  Friday, July 13
  All classes are from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  The cost to attend the class is $100 per individual, $150 per couple. Included are a class outline, a bottle of honey that you help extract and bottle during class, and reduced rental rate on a honey extractor should you need one.
  Note: Before paying for a class, please contact Gretchen Bee Ranch to confirm space availability.  Call (830) 305-7925 or email us at

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Class: How to Harvest Your Honey

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