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Our bee ranch continues to grow. We have more bee colonies and more places where our bees live and do their vital work of pollination than ever before. If you look hard, you can find our bee yards in Guadalupe, Gonzales, Bexar and Medina Counties of South Texas. And we continue to develop more bee-centered products,
 including creamed honey, beeswax ornaments and more varieties of pure beeswax candles. But we do not forget that our mission at Gretchen Bee Ranch is to help restore honeybees to our region. You can help by planting bee friendly plants, reducing or eliminating pesticides in your lawn and garden, and purchasing raw honey and other products from beekeepers you know and trust.

But for those of you wanting to do more, we are offering a limited number of starter hives or nucleus hives for new and experienced beekeepers.
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Our nucleus hives have five frames - one frame of honey, one frame of honey & pollen and three frames of brood in various stages of development. The frames are covered with bees, and one of these bees will be a gentle queen that is already laying eggs. The frames and bees will be enclosed in a corrugated plastic box designed to transport bees. The frames will need to be transferred to your wooden hive boxes soon after you arrive home. Our experience with nucleus hives is that they build up quickly and often produce honey the first year. Please note that our nucleus hives cannot be shipped and are available for pick up at Gretchen Bee Ranch in Seguin, Texas on selected dates.  (learn more)


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